Bachelor Thesis

Data Analysis and Fair Job Allocation in a Company Offering Electronic Equipment Repair Services:

In this research, based on a  case study, the issue of task allocation in an electronic devices service-repair company is investigated. The difference between the repair of electronic devices as well as the revenue received for the repair of each device is the main motivation for designing a fair method for allocating the devices in need of repair (task) to the repair technicians (employees) of this company, so that the competition between them becomes fair and as a result the performance of technicians are enhanced. To achieve this goal, firstly, the company's data in this area is analyzed by using data analysis techniques in Python and SQL Server. Then, a method based on random assignment is designed, which is evaluated using real company data. The aforementioned method has been fully implemented in the company, based on which manual allocation has been changed to automatic allocation. To write this program, VBA programming language was used to design a smart dashboard in Excel environment. The reason for choosing Excel was the ease of working with this environment.

I was honored to get a full mark (20/20) for my bachelor thesis!

Some plots and results of the thesis:

Photos of the repairing section of the company: